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Hansen for Connected Car

Tomorrow’s cars will use advanced technology and responsive wireless networks to deliver a totally new driving experience. Intelligent vehicle services will depend on the coordination of many players, from car manufacturers to app developers, network operators and integrators – with the risk of complexity and confusion. Hansen brings coherence and agility to the in-car service ecosystem through a catalog-driven solution that structures and delivers products, services, their component capabilities and the data and processes on which they depend.

Hansen for Connected Car uses products from the Create-Deliver-Engage Suite to bring order and coherence to a complex marketplace, enabling vehicle makers and CSPs to capitalise on new revenue opportunities.

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Enabling Services for a Global Car Manufacturer

Hansen for Connected Car is used by a global automotive manufacturer, supporting over 1 million subscribers and with an expectation of reaching more than 10 million. Hansen Catalog and Hansen OM underpin a subscription management service for legacy and new cloud platforms. Hansen was chosen to better manage the global program through orchestration of service offer and fulfilment with partner mobile operators.

We provide key capabilities for:

  • Service Complexity — Hansen provides flexible, catalog-driven products to create, manage and orchestrate the delivery of pre-integrated subscription services.
  • Orchestrated Delivery — With multiple partner operators and complex offerings, Hansen’s software automates order fulfillment, avoiding costly and time-consuming order fallout and delivers an improved customer experience
  • Omni-Product Capabilities — Hansen Catalog has the proven flexibility to support any conceivable digital product and service, providing innovative product agility for current and next-generation products.
  • Strong Partnerships — Hansen has a proven track record with the connected car program’s nominated systems integrator through four projects with other service providers.
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