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Ergon Energy Deploys Hansen CIS to Improve Billing Efficiencies and Regulation Compliances for Network Distribution

June 6, 2016 – Hansen Technologies Limited today announced that its PeacePlus CIS electricity billing and market transactions solution has been deployed into production for Ergon Energy’s Network Distribution Business. Ergon Energy was seeking a new billing solution to enable continued compliance with network electricity market regulations; to deliver effective and efficient network billing capabilities; and to provide an interface for retailers.

“We knew we needed to upgrade our network billing capabilities and replace our legacy information system, and we wanted a reputable company with the expertise to ensure the success of this major project,” said Greg Nielsen, General Manager of Network Monitoring and Processing at Ergon. “We selected Hansen Technologies because they offer a robust system and expert support for network billing.”

Hansen’s solution met all of Ergon’s requirements and as a result Ergon entered into a 5 year licence and support agreement with Hansen Technologies. It took only 12 months to integrate with Ergon’s other retail business systems and transition to their live production environment. With the successful deployment of Energex and now Ergon, Hansen Technologies holds the responsibility of providing network billing for the entire Queensland market.

“Our billing solution handles every aspect of network billing—from site and meter administration, tariff management, payments processing, and collections to field work,” said Hansen CEO, Andrew Hansen. “We are pleased with the success of this implementation and we look forward to a lasting partnership with Ergon.”

About Ergon Energy
Ergon Energy supplies electricity to approximately 750,000 customers across a vast operating area of over one million square kilometres – around 97% of the state of Queensland. The company was formed in 1999 by the Queensland Government, from the then six regional Queensland electricity distributors and their subsidiary retailer. Today the principal operating companies are Ergon Energy Corporation Limited, as the electricity distributor, and its subsidiary Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd, the electricity retailer.”