Hansen's OptiTrade is the ultimate solution for automated trading, enabling energy companies to optimize the usage of their flexible production assets, minimize their balance error and save on the costs of running a 24/7 trading desk. 


OptiTrade is tailored to meet and fulfil all demands and challenges posed by 5 key drivers in the energy trade market:

1.  Liquidity and speed favor automated trading solutions
An increasing number of transmission lines between countries and price areas leads to bigger markets with far more opportunities. A significant number of energy companies already utilize automated trading in the intraday market. As a result, manual trading becomes more challenging and inefficient.

2.  Optimal utilization of flexible production assets
Currently, energy production assets have flexibility that is not properly utilized. This is especially true in the intraday market, which is very challenging to keep on top of manually. An automated trading solution can optimize the value of production assets 24/7 by selling and buying production flexibility (available power plant capacity, or flexible consumption).

3.  Increasing imbalance cost risk
More wind power capacity increases balancing power costs, particularly when there is significant deviation between expected and actual wind power production. Imbalance cost will increase for all balance responsible parties, and proper balance management becomes crucial. Automated intraday trading for balance management will be an important tool for minimizing imbalance effectively.

4.  Shorter balance settlement resolution
When balance settlement resolution changes from 60 to 15 minutes, there will be more products to be traded and manual trading becomes impossible in practice.  

5.  Focus on trading strategy – do not fight against automated trading manually. 
Manual trading has become too challenging and expensive. Let the traders focus on monitoring and trading strategy development.


Automated Energy Trading

Automated Energy Trading

Optitrade is an advanced solution for wholesale energy market trading and demand response operations. Whether you are an energy producer, a balance responsible party for a retailer or a retailer providing demand response services for end-users, Optitrade is the solution for you. 

Hansen's OptiTrade enables you to operate in all marketplaces – including Day-ahead, Intraday, Regulating Power and FCR markets. 



  • INTRADAY TRADING  - Automated 24/7 trading 
  • DAY-AHEAD TRADING - Advanced bidding and trade result handling
  • REGULATING POWER & FCR-TRADING - Automated bidding solution 
  • DAY-AHEAD DEMAND RESPONSE - Consumption optimization service 
  • BALANCE MANAGEMENT - Demand response for balance management 
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Intraday Trading

Intraday trading environment is changing rapidly towards automated trading, and already now large share of energy companies are utilizing automated trading solutions. Hansen's Optitrade is an ultimate solution for automated trading enabling energy companies to take their intraday trading to the next level.


Hansen's Optitrade intraday trading solution is widely configurable, but still transparent, easy to use and monitor. The user can create own trading strategies separately for all positions and monitor intraday market with comprehensive monitoring views. 

Our focus is on a secure transition from manual to automated trading. We help you implement secure and robust trading strategies, and our user interface has been developed in a way that minimizes the risk for mistakes and unfavorable trading logic. 


Annoucement of our contract with Gasum in Finland

Intraday Trading

Nord Pool

Nord Pool

Hansen Technologies is a Nord Pool Independent System Vendor (ISV) and provides energy trading solutions for European energy companies.  Energy companies can now optimize and automate their energy trading processes with our OptiTrade trading solutions. 

Whether you are an energy company or service provider looking to automate your balance management operations; energy producer needing production asset optimization tools or an energy supplier searching for Demand Response and Energy Trading solutions, talk to us!


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