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BannerCX, enables utilities and municipalities to supply a wide variety of essential services including water, electricity, gas, and wastewater to homes and businesses throughout North America and the Caribbean.

With over four years of significant R&D investment and  a
roadmap in place to continue to drive innovation into the product, the new and modernized BannerCX is the next gen in utility billing with improved


  • Upgraded Technical Stack -  improved performance to meet the increasing data demands of smart meters, smart grids and utility digitalization
  • Dynamic User Experience (UX)
  • CSR efficiency
  • Data visualization reporting
  • Robust API library - to enable connectivity to 3rd parties such as customer mobile workforce management integration, mobile dispatch appointment booking, customer web payments and more


BannerCX is cloud-ready and also supports on-premise deployment options, giving customers the ability to expand quickly as their business demands increase.


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