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Sigma Listed by Gartner as a Provider of Catalog-Centric Quote-to-Order-to-Install Solutions

TORONTO, Canada – (Sep 19 , 2016) – Sigma Systems, the fastest path to creating, selling and delivering digital products and services was listed among technology providers in the report “Competitive Landscape: Digital Multichannel IT Solutions for CSPs, Worldwide, 2016” published August 2016 by Gartner analyst and research director Martina Kurth.

Faced with increasing demand for personalization and the prevalence of off-network revenue opportunities, CSPs are “prioritizing investments in streamlined solutions that enable proactive and dynamic creation of customer product and service bundles, accurate quotation and pricing, with an embedded catalog that invokes order and service fulfillment,” Gartner observes. This report outlines the pain points encountered by service providers in their efforts to operationalize new digital offerings. The document analyzes vendors who aim to alleviate the complexity of multi-network, multichannel and multi-device environments.

“Our entire portfolio pivots around the omni-channel customer experience,” said Tim Spencer, President and CEO of Sigma Systems. “Sigma’s solutions make it easier for operators to create and deploy new digital services, and allow their customers to purchase what they want, when they want. This kind of agility is only possible with a BSS and OSS underpinned by a catalog-centric solution that drives the end-to-end quote-to-order-to-fulfilment processes.”

To learn more, find the full report here.