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Sigma Systems Launches Latest Version of Sigma Order Management

TORONTO Canada – August 25th, 2015 —Sigma Systems, the pioneer of catalog-driven BSS and OSS systems for the communications, media and high-tech industries, has announced that the latest release of the award winning Sigma Order Management software application is now generally available.

Sigma Order Management is the first order management system uniquely architected to seamlessly work with and be driven by a completely externalized enterprise catalog.  Sigma Order Management’s unique approach to using the catalog to drive order decomposition and validation and to dynamically derive orchestration strategies for order fulfilment greatly reduces order fall-out and time-to-market for both new product / service launch and order delivery.

Sigma’s latest release of Order Management delivers a step-change in functionality that continues to make it the key tool for emerging Digital Service Providers in an increasingly competitive world.

In 2015 Sigma Order Management won the TCM Product of The Year by proving its ability to:

  • Dynamically validate and decompose orders in a catalog-driven environment
  • Fulfil orders quickly and with the highest degree of accuracy
  • Automate delivery across networks and technologies
  • Prioritize, control and track orders for even the most complex requests

“The latest version of Sigma Order Management increases our technology lead in the market by continuing to capitalize on the platform’s innate awareness of the enterprise’s portfolio and the broader BSS/OSS ecosystem.” said Catherine Michel Chief Strategy Officer and Vice President of Products. “Our customers look to Sigma for advanced product innovation across our portfolio to solve their critical business challenges – Sigma Order Management certainly delivers on that expectation.”

Sigma Order Management introduces several unique features to Order Management including:

Enterprise Catalog-Driven by Design:

  • Uses the business rules sourced from catalog at runtime, including pricing, fulfillment and validation rules
  • Provides dynamic workflow optimization at runtime for each order instance

Advanced User Interaction:

  • Provides end-to-end visual tracking of orders through the system from cradle to grave
  • Shows the orchestration flows graphically at both design-time and runtime

Industry Standards Adoption:

  • Based on Business Process Modelling & Notation (BPMNv2) standard for process flow modelling
  • Complies with OSS/J JSR264 Order API specification.

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About Sigma Systems ( or Twitter @SigmaSystems)

Sigma Systems is the pioneer in catalog-driven software for communications, media and high tech companies. The company’s product portfolio spans product & service catalog, configure price quote, order management, service provisioning, service inventory, cloud brokerage and device management – all of which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. Sigma products manage 100’s of millions of services exceeding $150b of products defined and installed at over 75 customers in 40 countries.



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