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Sigma Systems accelerates sales with new Sigma CPQ

SAN FRANCISCO — 18 November, 2013 — Sigma Systems, the pioneer in catalog-driven Idea-to-Install products, today introduced its new Sigma Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application for Salesforce at Dreamforce ’13 in San Francisco, California.

“The Sigma CPQ application for Salesforce is a key offering in our Idea-to-Install product portfolio, focused on supporting that critical, up front buying experience for our customers’ customers,” said Catherine Michel, Chief Strategy Officer, Sigma Systems. “Our dual objective with Sigma CPQ is to reduce the time to market for launching new offers across channels, whilst rapidly enabling the sale and support of those offers from within even the most complex network and system environments.”

Sigma CPQ integrates with Salesforce to offer critical selling capability for communications, media and high tech companies. Leveraging Sigma’s comprehensive Enterprise Product Management (EPM) catalog and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions, companies that use the Salesforce platform are able to access the depths of the enterprise’s offerings in real-time and actively target the correct products to the right customers, enforcing comprehensive business and technical rules in the process. Users can execute an automated configure-price-quote process to establish accurate product configurations, pricing and quotes, all through the Salesforce interface.

Sigma’s CPQ application is suited for a range of enterprises, whether mass market consumer offerings that require a turnkey product or a large enterprise demanding complex business data services. Sigma CPQ for Salesforce navigates your entire portfolio to determine which options are available and valid and executes the constraints that are in place to produce a personalized, valid quote.

Features of the Sigma CPQ
Based on Sigma’s award winning Enterprise Product Management (EPM) and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) products, Sigma CPQ for Salesforce enables companies to:

•  Exploit existing Salesforce deployments to increase effectiveness of sales teams
•  Establish a rationalized & reusable product portfolio for Consumer, SME & Enterprise across product lines
•  Reduce time to market for new offers, supporting even the most complex network & system constraints
•  Guide your sales team in identifying the right products at the point of opportunity creation
•  Deliver accurate quoting for every sales agent, based on directly-sourced product and pricing information
•  Improve the customer experience by selling the right products at the right time and supporting personalization without customization
•  Reduce order fall-out due to up front quote accuracy
•  Execute upsell and cross sell opportunities in real-time
•  Access a central knowledge base of all valid and available offers

The Sigma CPQ application for Salesforce will be available on the Salesforce AppExchange shortly following Dreamforce ’13. Visitors to Dreamforce ’13 can view the Sigma CPQ at the Sigma Systems kiosk located outside the Service Provider Track in the Westin Market St.

About Sigma Systems
Sigma Systems is a privately-held market leader in catalog-driven Idea-to-Install products for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The company’s BSS/OSS product portfolio makes it easy for service providers’ customers to buy from them. The portfolio spans cloud brokerage, product & service catalog, configure price quote, order management, service provisioning, service inventory, device management and professional services. Sigma has fulfilled 100s of millions of residential and business RGUs including broadband, VoIP, SIP trunking, unified communication, IPTV, mobile, cloud and M2M services for over 70 CSPs worldwide, including BskyB, Charter, Cox, Orange, TELUS, Bell Aliant, Tiscali, American Movil, iTSCOM, Level (3) and ZON.

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