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Sigma Releases its latest Product Innovation for Intelligent Data Mining and Analytics

TORONTO, Canada – Sigma Systems, a global leader in catalog-driven software, today announced the General Availability (GA) of its latest product innovation for intelligent data mining and analytics – Sigma Insights.

This out-of-the box product enables rapid and meaningful insights into commercial and technical performance of the business. The product uses a predefined, but extensible Common Information Model (CIM) as the basis to extract, describe, relate and expose critical data from relevant systems such as CRM, Catalog, CPQ (Configure Price Quote), Order Management, Provisioning, and Billing.

As the data is updated in real-time, Sigma Insights offers service providers immediate visibility into key indicators of success or failure, such as customer conversion and churn rates, order fulfilment and fallout rates, and operational efficiency. This understanding can be applied across different dimensions of the business operations, such as sales channels, market/business units, and product lines.

Catherine Michel, Sigma’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), commented: “Sigma Insights brings a new level of clarity and practical meaning to the valuable data buried within the B/OSS. It enables companies to quickly understand the direct relationship between the products they sell and the customers who buy and use them, and the critical experience of doing so. In order to achieve the full benefits of digital innovation, service providers must have a strong understanding of how they are performing in the eyes of their customers and adjust accordingly.”

Joe Johnson, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture & Transformation at Windstream, said: “Sigma has applied best practice thinking as a blueprint for their Insights platform and created something real and valuable from it. The market is full of multiple vendor systems, but having a standards-based solution that works with existing applications will make life simpler for operators.”

Using leading industry standards, such as the TM Forum’s Information Framework (SID), as input into the design, Sigma Insights represents the industry’s best thinking in its predesigned model for data mining and analytics. The platform works seamlessly with the full Sigma portfolio, interfaces with B/OSS software from other vendors or that is custom built, and is designed to work with widely used Business Intelligence (BI) systems, analytics and data visualization tools. This out-of-the-box design and open interoperability means Sigma Insights reduces implementation and familiarization time.