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Share Purchase Plan

June 12, 2015 –  Hansen Technologies Limited (Company) is pleased to announce that its recent Share Purchase Plan  (SPP) offer to eligible shareholders  received applications for a total value of approximately A$12 million.  The SPP allowed eligible shareholders to subscribe for new fully paid ordinary shares in the Company at an issue price of A$2.17 each.  The Company had originally planned to cap the amount raised to $A10million, and accordingly the SPP was oversubscribed by approximately A$2 million.

The Company is delighted at the support shown by shareholders in their response to the SPP, and to accommodate this demand, the Company does not intend to scale back any eligible application. Accordingly the amount raised under the SPP will be approximately A$12 million.

As advised in the SPP offer document, the issue date of the new shares remains Wednesday, 17 June 2015. Any shareholder queries should be directed to the Company’s share registry, Link Market Services on: Tel: 1 800 500 095.