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Underpin Your Server Infrastructure

Hansen Server and Storage Management provides comprehensive management and support of servers, storage and operating systems to assure system availability, ensuring problem response and resolution activities are undertaken within defined time targets. Storage is delivered via high-speed RAID solid state and disk storage in the form of volumes or pools that can be used by client servers for primary storage. Storage needs are identified and managed on a regular basis to ensure that the client’s current and future needs are met.

Continuous and Proactive Identification

Hansen provides continuous monitoring of server and infrastructure performance so enterprises receive proactive identification and attain early resolution of server capacity and performance issues. It provides:

  • Maintenance of the currency of operating systems and utilities, minimising the need for costly major system upgrades
  • Assured execution of recurring tasks and processes
  • Monitoring of license status, ensuring client compliance with licensing conditions
  • Protection of critical business data, through monitored backup processes and maintenance of a secure systems environment, minimising risk to the business
  • Access to Hansen experience and industry knowledge
  • SLAs to meet recovery time and recovery point objectives
  • Management, monitoring and optimisation of storage environments

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