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Reduce the Cost of Backup Management

Hansen Backup as a Service is a centrally managed service that creates a regular and reliable backup schedule in addition to a restore service when needed. Your business can replace expensive, slow and less reliable off-site tape-based backup with a secure and robust backup and recovery strategy, centrally managed by your teams or Hansen personnel.

Key Features of Backup as a Service

Backups of systems and data are stored in the secure Hansen encrypted vault to enable rapid and reliable recovery.  The service provides:

  • End-user control of backup and recovery activities
  • Fast and easy deployment (client-based) solution
  • Eliminate costly on-going maintenance for existing backup software, hardware and tape media
  • Off-site backup to a secure purpose-built data centre
  • Reporting and alerting with dashboard views of your backup environment
  • Data compression and encryption to optimise off-site storage and provide secure off-site storage
  • Eliminate expensive and time-consuming manual handling of backup tape media
  • Pay only for what you use in backup – offsite storage

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