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Loiste Group first with Utilytics

January 5, 2016 –

The Finnish energy provider Loiste Group is the first customer to sign up Utilytics, a new analytics service for the energy market delivered by Enoro. This first contract shows that real time big energy data is now a reality. Loiste has tested Utilytics and signed up very quickly following the launch in November 2015.

Utilytics was introduced in response to the intensively competitive energy market.  A more diverse group of emission conscious consumers demand more choice and information. Utilytics uses big data to create insights from energy consumer behaviour aiming to increase the competitive edge of energy utilities.

Utilytics is offered with a subscription-based model for software as a service with low monthly cost, open pricing and will be directly available on

Loiste Group has 200,000 customers and multiple distribution networks in Finland. The Energy Sales division sells electricity everywhere in Finland.

“We decided to commit to Utilytics after a successful Beta program. Utilytics will enable us to develop a more relevant and competitive offering to our customers. The service will also give us a real-time view and keep the information up to date continuously without tedious manual work. This will save money and at the same time enable us to serve our customers even better in an increasingly competitive market,” says Katarina Ylikorkala, Business Unit Director, Loiste Energy Sales.

“We are delighted to welcome Loiste as the first Utilytics customer, and we are encouraged to see such quick uptake of the service. Utilytics is an innovative solution focused on helping energy companies to compete in the market place. By providing energy consumer insights, profitability overviews and detecting new market opportunities, Utilytics brings more competitive edge into energy businesses,” says Anders H. Lier, President and CEO of Enoro.

Software as a System makes it easy to deploy Utilytics to new customers. The beta program is just the beginning of making big energy data available to customers real time and Enoro will continue to improve the service as the beta program develops.

About Loiste

Loiste group consists of several companies. Loiste Group has 200,000 customers and multiple distribution networks in Finland.  Loiste group has over 80 energy professionals, who operate tightly together with a wide partner network. In 2013, the total revenue of the group comprised 149 million Euros. Loiste Energy Sales sells electricity everywhere in Finland (except for Åland). Loiste Energy produces and sells electricity into the wholesale market. Loiste Networks operates as the distribution system operator in its responsibility regions in Kainuu, Northern Ostrobothnia and in Kotka. The company is responsible for electricity distribution as well as the maintenance, building and usage of distribution network as well as related services.