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DISH Wireless – A Next-Generation Telco and 5G Smart Network

In a world powered by 5G, the possibilities for transforming the way people connect and share are greater than ever. And to adapt and monetise this new world, business models and markets are changing – with a move toward systems that are customer-centric and focused on technological innovation.  

DISH Wireless has entered the market 

Known for bringing TV to rural America and inventing the DVR to give consumers more control over their entertainment, DISH has now launched the first-ever Smart Network in America – DISH Wireless.  

DISH has always been a connectivity company first, and with DISH Wireless, the plan to bring 5G smart connectivity to Americans is an innovative accomplishment. With a network that is cloud-native – DISH Wireless is the first 5G cloud-native network of its kind.  

DISH Wireless has a goal to “connect people and things” and is focused on utilizing technological innovation to develop these possibilities into reality. To bring its new 5G network to life, DISH Wireless worked with several vendors to develop and launch the new smart network and to better serve its customers.. 

Bridging a connected future through collaboration 

Traditionally, companies have been closed off to sharing information and innovation, but as technology continues to advance, companies are coming together to share best practices to collaborate and build a stronger future that is automated, agile, and connected. 

TM Forum’s Mark Newman, Chief Analyst recently hosted industry leaders who were a part of the DISH Wireless development. DISH Wireless Chief Technology Officer, Marc Rouanne was joined by Brian Cappellani, Vice President, Technology Strategy, Hansen; Kailem Anderson, Vice President Portfolio and Engineering, Blue Planet, division of Ciene; Sameer Vuyyuru, Head of Worldwide Business Development for CSPs, Amazon Web Services (AWS); and John Baker, Senior Vice President Business Development, Mavenir to discuss the launch of DISH Wireless and the opportunities for technological innovation through vendor collaboration.  

Business models are moving away from the traditional RFP procurement process, and are instead developing, enhancing, and fine-tuning products and software through collaborative models. This is how DISH Wireless was brought to life.   

How are these new smart network services packaged and sold? 

With the deployment of 5G, IoT, and smart networks, numerous services and offers are being bundled and sold to consumers. This leaves a wide margin for error or data disarray. To effectively bundle and sell connected services, DISH Wireless required a catalog-driven system to manage the data, automate processes, and ensure a best-in-class customer experience.  

DISH Wireless chose the Hansen Suite for Communications, Technology & Media, including Hansen Catalog, Hansen CPQ, and Hansen to automate its BSS and OSS processes, power real-time fulfilment and quoting, and help accelerate the introduction of new 5G-based services and business models.  

“Hansen’s unified catalog is a key component within DISH’s 5G platform, enabling the timely introduction and management of products and services, and to rapidly prototype and launch innovative offers to the market,” said Atilla Tinic, Chief Information Officer, DISH. 

“With the new capabilities and the innovation that’s coming from the 5G network, Catalog-driven technology is key to the agility that is needed for success. We at Hansen take that capability and package it, turn it into products, bundle it, sell it and get it out to the customers in new and innovative ways.” Brian Cappellani, Hansen. 

To watch the full discussion and see how Hansen was able to collaborate and provide the Catalog software to bring DISH Wireless to life, visit: Dish Wireless – A Next Generation Telco.