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Hansen Market-Message is designed to support energy market players when there is a need to effectively communicate and process business transactions electronically. This includes overall market messaging and market transaction handling, managing of market communications with industry and market Data Hubs, and managing transactional data communications using EDI technology.

The Hansen Market-Message solution enables the mapping of any data format and market standards to business processes and actions to be taken by downstream supporting systems such as a Customer Information Systems (CIS).



Interfaces with multiple back-end business systems and external entities including electric and gas utilities, retail energy suppliers and financial institutions.


Handles all transaction interchange between market participants – typically including enrolments, transfers/switch, finalisation, consumption, meter events, payments & settlements.



Monitors transactions progress, identifies exceptions, triggers intervention workflows.


Retains complete records for aggregation and analysis.


Rapidly configurable message handling, translations, and business rules.


Cloud-based SaaS solution.

Market Adaptation

The Market Messaging and Retail Choice EDI capabilities within Hansen Market-Message have been purposefully designed and developed to support different communication mechanisms across the globe.  Our solution is proven to manage known standards and custom data that is exchanged between energy participants in accordance with market rules, examples such as:

  • Different message types like X12-based EDI standards, EDIFACT ASCII [the international EDI standard] – MSCONS NO, PRODAT SE, UTILTS SE, PRODAT FI, MSCONS FI, and XML based files to support web services and datahubs, e.g., ENTSO-E XML, GAS@XML
  • Modern datahub standards, e.g., Elhub in Norway and the Finnish Datahub
  • Various communication mechanisms like SFPT, EMAIL, Web services (SOAP / REST)


Hansen Market-Message supports external data exchange with business partners using secure industry data exchange standards, making communication with your energy business partners secure and reliable.

Secure certification and message encryption

ISO27001 certified and regularly audited

Security Framework based on NIST CSF

Integration with Central Industry Datahubs

We provide a solution that fits with your ecosystem and is adaptive to the market you serve.

Hansen Market-Message has built-in flexibility to apply market rules which makes it highly adaptable to integrate a hub provider with a CIS, it automates many processes by linking directly to CIS/CRM/Billing functions.

We have designed an intelligent solution that takes the data from the hub and applies business logic before processing into the CIS system which means customers are confidently assured that their CIS is insulated from market rules changes.

In markets where continuous updates to market regulations is an imperative our technology is designed with hub connectivity – the business logic for handling the market message is built into the business application which delivers a centralised datahub integration solution.

Expert Market Participation

Our industry experts participate in working groups in country locations which enables Hansen to be appraised of retail market indicators that may impact regulatory requirements and associated market rules. Our people participate in and help shape the outcomes of:

  • EDI working groups in North American states including CT, IL, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NY, OH, PA and TX and additional working groups such as PA CHARGE/ OCMO, TX (RMS) and related subgroups formed to design transactions
  • Australian Energy Market Operator [AEMO] working groups
  • EDI group in Sweden, working groups and committees related to the Finnish Datahub and Norwegian Elhub
  • EDSN in the Netherlands

In markets where we do not engage directly with the working groups our business partners provide requirements.

Hansen’s global footprint in deregulated power markets provides a wealth of experience in serving utility customers, retailers, and DSOs, with their data connectivity and market messaging needs.

Learn more about how Hansen is helping customers in North America with their Retail Choice EDI requirements.
For customers in Australasia and Europe, please contact us below for more details on how we are supporting our customers with Market Messaging.

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