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Hansen CIS – UtilisoftCX, part of the Hansen CIS product family, is a market gateway solution that supports crucial data management processes for energy companies in deregulated markets.

UtilisoftCX automates the data management processes that underpin deregulated markets through core functionality that includes: Energy Market Connectivity, Process Management, Process Improvement, Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence for Utilities.

Key system components include:

  • GateKeeper – a robust, scalable and flexible off-the-shelf gateway solution.
  • FlowTalk – for electricity and gas, a framework for handling energy market processes, both through direct user interaction and integration with core business systems, leading to greater process automation and increased business efficiency.
  • Standing Data Repository – first off-the-shelf, stand-alone, web-based, energy market standing data solution that is proven to deliver timely and accurate customer data to assist with billing services, market data analysis and regulatory compliance queries.
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Flexible, off-the-shelf gateway solution

Market Compliance

Complete coverage required by regulators


Proven Scalability to meet Smart Metering

“Power of Choice” support

Full support for AEMO “Power of Choice” changes

Automated processes

Automate new customer data transfer processes


Improve and simplify business processes with FlowTalk modules

Data utilization

Capture, analyze and utilise customer and smart meter data

Web-based admin

Comprehensive web-based administration console


The Australian supply and generation of energy is moving towards a smarter and cleaner future. The government recently mandated that consumers must have access to smart meters under its Power of Choice (PoC) initiative. PoC went live in December 2017. All Hansen Technologies products are PoC compliant.

Hansen Technologies has been providing market gateway and CIS solutions to the Australian Energy market for over 20 years. Our CIS, Billing and Gateway solutions, as well as our in-house team of market experts, are ready and able to help your business remain compliant with the PoC initiatives.

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