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Hansen CIS – PeaceCX, part of the Hansen CIS product family, is a highly-configurable, end-to-end energy CIS and CRM for fully regulated investor-owned utilities, competitive retailers, and deregulated networks (transmission/distribution service providers).

The solution is designed to support call centre commerce, residential and complex commercial billing, smart grid, converged services, and deregulated market transaction handling.

PeaceCX offers maximum configurability as modern utilities must be highly adaptive to market changes. PeaceCX provides administration screens where authorised staff can change nearly any aspect of the system, without requiring deep technical skills or proprietary tools. This includes: automated workflows, new data fields, debt recovery actions, new complex products and rates, web portal design, custom on-demand reports and much more.

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Hansen cis – peaceCX Delivers

Payment integrations

APIs for payment vendor solutions


CSR workflow optimisation

Extensive reporting

Powerful BI and customizable reports


Rapid cloud deployment

Workforce management integration

Tight integration to workforce management for real-time updates on status orders

Automated updates

Automated software updates to save resources, time and money

Integration framework

Web-service based integration framework

Engage the customer

Improved customer engagement through portals and mobile apps


  • Call Centre – Fully browser-based screens to perform all utility customer service processes to ensure efficiency.
  • Workflow – Automation of business processes to minimise cost of operations with a built-in workflow design tool.
  • Customer Acquisition – Minimise customer signup, enrolment and retention costs to reduce or eliminate the need for a  separate, costly CRM system.
  • Processing and Collections – Handle all payment channels (including ERP and general ledger systems) and maintain open-item accounts receivable balances.
  • Scalability – Support multiple large-scale (1m+ meter) energy providers using multi-threaded transaction processing to scale to data volumes
  • Reduced Cost-of-Ownership – Provide an efficient user interface for your operations teams to make everyday tasks faster.
  • Ease of Integration – Standard and custom integration options to consolidate interaction between the many disparate, mission-critical systems.
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