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Whether servicing consumers or business customers, Hansen CIS – HubCX, part of the Hansen CIS product family, helps energy retailers meet service challenges head on and prepare for the demands of a more agile strategic and operational environment.

HubCX combines traditional billing, complex rating, and CIS capabilities with best of breed workflow, business intelligence, market gateways and API management capabilities.

All HubCX capability is available via a modern UI and leverages user/role configuration to provide the right user experience for enterprise users (including call centre) and partners. The flexibility of HubCX extends to bundling product and services (including energy and non-traditional products) and providing a business rule driven approach to pricing and discounting. HubCX supports the full automation and management of long running processes, including on-boarding, user configurable workflows and tasks such as role and skill-based assignments.

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Modular CIS solution for Distributors and Retailers

Efficient billing

Improved billing efficiency through network billing and revenue management

Supply control

Balance consolidated generation supplies


Scalability with complex smart meter data readings

Improved strategies

Better business strategies by harnessing and analysing Big Data

Cost-saving integrations

Reduce costs through modular integration with existing systems


Hansen CIS – HubCX is a full-scale, modular CIS and MDMS solution for distribution networks operating in deregulated competitive markets. It provides metering services and accreditation for market roles, delivers meter data to market participants and retailers, and recovers revenue through service order and connection point-based energy charges.

HubCX is proven to support Advanced Metering Infrastructure and smart meter roll-outs including deregulated metering. It has been benchmark-tested to process Meter to Cash (M2C) transactions for up to 30 million smart meters.

HubCX’s modules and components can be deployed in their entirety or enabled as needed. Modules can be integrated with in-house or third-party systems to create a flexible client-specific best-of-breed solution.  Key features of HubCX for distribution networks include:

  • Standing Data Management
  • Service Order Management
  • Meter Asset Management
  • Meter Data Receipt
  • Meter Data Management
  • Retailer and Customer Portals
  • Market Data & Interaction
  • Tariff Management
  • Network Billing
  • Revenue Management & Settlements
  • Exception Management
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