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Hansen CIS – HiAffinityCX, part of the Hansen CIS product family, is a customer management and billing solution that applies business-focused automation techniques and standardises day-to-day processes to reduce processing time and training requirements, as well as increasing the accuracy of your teams.

HiAffinityCX manages and automates complex billing and customer servicing tasks and allows water utility providers to connect and engage with their customers. The solution takes advantage of the continuous improvement of open source solutions for middleware and management information, providing cost-effective solutions without dependency on proprietary software and data formats.

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Hansen CIS – HiAffinityCX delivers

Extensive support

Supports retail and wholesale activities

Tariff control

Creation and control of complex tariffs and multiple rates and appropriate taxes

Meter operations overview

Route maintenance to manage records for meter reading operations

Portable support

Downloads and uploads to handheld devices


Configurable reading validation with exception management


Key features of Hansen CIS – HiAffinityCX include:

  • Payments and Debts – accurately receive payments, maintain customer accounts, and facilitate group account management through the combined billing.
  • Automation of debt recovery processing – configurable recovery paths based on segmentation and risk, which allows managers to drive automated processes for each risk profile.
  • Business Rules Engine – incorporate your specific business rules, allowing you to query and update the billing and customer platform, providing the mechanism for rapid responses to strategic and regulatory changes.
  • Business Insights – optimised with tools to build comprehensive workflows and automate key business processes.
  • Data Model – a classic CRM style object model supporting multiple configurations, including Multi Property Customers, Meter Groups and Sub Meters, Complex Meter Network and Unlimited Tariffing Options.
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