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Hansen Catalog Fundamentals Certification


This course provides the core knowledge necessary for anyone using the Hansen Catalog and is mandatory for anyone wishing to progress with role-based Catalog certification. It provides a detailed view of the core functions and features of Hansen Catalog and best practices for modelling and building your products.


You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the Hansen Catalog product model and best practices for implementation in the application. A good understanding of the preparation and structure required helps prevent costly mistakes and will improve the performance of your Catalog.

Intended Audience

This course provides the basic building blocks for anyone who will be using or amending the Catalog. Those who would benefit from this course include:

  • Product Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Pricing/Approvals/Staging Managers
  • Launch Managers
  • Project Team
  • Developers

Course Prerequisites

It is expected that you will have completed the Hansen Catalog Overview course before attending this course.

A working knowledge of your company’s product offers which will be created in the Catalog would also be beneficial.

Training Environment

This course is delivered as an instructor-led course or online interactive course.
A Hansen Catalog training environment is required for each trainee for the duration of this training. You can read more about the training environments here.

Course Certification

The course concludes with an online exam, which tests both theoretical and practical knowledge of Hansen Catalog. On successful completion of the exam and full course attendance, you gain Hansen Catalog Fundamentals Certification.

This certification is a mandatory pre-requisite for the following courses:

  • Hansen Catalog End User Certification
  • Hansen Catalog Configuration Certification
  • Hansen Catalog Developer Certification

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Outcomes

Once you have completed this course you will be able to perform the following:

  • Navigate the Hansen Catalog Manager.
  • View information about entities within the Catalog.
  • Describe where you might use reference data.
  • Model offers using TM Forum best practices.
  • Create and edit an offer and outline pricing options.
  • Manage the product life cycle of entities.
  • Make decisions regarding security and integration.

Key Topics

  • Navigating the Catalog workspaces.
  • Searching and viewing entity information.
  • Working with Facts (reference data).
  • Delivering best practice when modelling entities.
  • Creating and editing entities.
  • Pricing, costs, discounts and promotions.
  • Decision-making with product rules.
  • Managing the product lifecycle.
  • Auditing your entities.
  • Integrating with other systems.
  • Implementing security options.
  • Review and Exam

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