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Hansen Provision Overview


You will gain an overview of Hansen Provision’s concepts, features and functions.


Your improved understanding of Hansen Provision’s concepts, features and functions will help you make informed decisions as part of the project implementation.

Intended Audience

Key stakeholders and anyone involved in the project implementation.


There are no pre-requisites for this course, although an understanding of the telecommunications domain would be useful.

Course Outcomes

Once you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain how Hansen Provision fits within your company existing ecosystem, and how it will benefit your company.
  • Identify the features and key components within Hansen Provision.
  • Describe the Provision process flow.

Key Topics

Hansen Provision within your company’s ecosystem

Hansen Provision features and benefits

Hansen Provision process flow

Hansen Provision user interfaces

Hansen Provision key components

Hansen Provision Solutions


This is not a certification course and no final exam is required.

Training Environment

This is a demonstration-only course. You will not require an environment.

Course Duration

0.5 Day

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