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Hansen Provision Fundamentals & Certified end user


Learn how to manage the day to day order management tasks within the Hansen Provision application.  Dive deep into the workflows and help troubleshoot when things go wrong.


On completing this course, you will be confident in your management of day to day order management tasks within the Hansen Provision application, thus reducing order fallout and improving order turnaround time within your company.

Intended Audience

This course is aimed at the Provisioning Operations team.  However, developers and integrators will also benefit from understanding the functionality and interfaces involved.

Course Prerequisites

Before starting this course, it is important that you have completed the Hansen Provision Overview and that you have a good understanding of the processes and concepts involved in provisioning telecommunications products.


Course Outcomes

Once you complete this course, you will be able to manage and troubleshoot the day to day order operations within the Hansen Provision application.

Key Topics

Navigating the Hansen Provision Operations user interface.

Managing and troubleshooting orders.

Investigating workflows using the Workflow Console.


The course concludes with an online exam, which tests both theoretical and practical knowledge of Hansen Provision. On successful completion of the exam and full course attendance, you gain Hansen Provision Fundamentals and End User Certification.

Training Environment

Access to a Hansen Provision training environment is mandatory for this course.

Course Duration

1.5 Days

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