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Hansen OM Deployment


Hansen Order Management is deployed and managed in a Kubernetes (K8S) cluster as a set of microservices.  During this course you will be guided to deploy Hansen Order Management in an environment known as Hansen CSD Cloud Native Eco-system.


You will learn how to perform the deployment of HansenOM on Cloud Native environment on Cloud Native Eco-system using best practices, thus avoiding potential pitfalls caused by insufficient preparation or poor following of processes.

This practical experience will give you the confidence to perform HansenOM deployment, test the deployment and support administration of your HansenOM.


This course should be taken by those who are responsible for deploying and upgrading the Hansen Order application in your company, along with monitoring system health and managing users.

Typical attendees include:

  • System Administrators
  • User Administrators
  • System Integrators


  • It is expected that you will have completed the HansenOM product overview.Although not mandatory, it would be useful if you also have the following:
    • Familiarity with deploying micro-services on cloud set up
    • AWS Cloud Native Components Setup
    • Hansen CSD Cloud Native Ecosystem AWS Setup
    • PostgresSQL Server on AWS (RDS)
    • MSK Kafka for messaging
    • Basic understanding of SSL
    • Basic understanding of kubectl and helm commands
    • Understanding of Kubernetes terminologies such as nodes, pods, services and so on.
    • RDBMS administration experience
    • Basic networking skills.


Once you have completed this course, you will be able to perform the following:

  • Verify and review the pre-requisites for Hansen Catalog Cloud Native Deployment
  • Understand and describe the flow of Cloud Native Deployment process
  • Review setup of Cognito, API Gateway, Route53, and Ingress Routing
  • Configure External Secrets, Configure the application Properties and Install Catalog Microservices
  • Verify the Deployment


  • HansenOM architecture and components
  • HansenOM Cloud Native Eco-systems pre-requisites
  • Deployment Tools and Services
  • Set up Cognito, Route 53 & API Gateway
  • Set up Database Schema
  • Configure Application Properties
  • Deploying using Helm Files
  • Verify Deployments


On successful deployment and testing of your HansenOM, and full course attendance, you gain Hansen OM Deployer and Administrator Certification.

Qualification – Hansen Order Management Deployer and Administrator Certification Certified


This course is delivered as an instructor-led course or online interactive course.  A Hansen OM Learning Lab is provided by Hansen for the duration of this training


2 Days