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Hansen CPQ Overview


This course offers you a high level overview of the Hansen CPQ solution, including Hansen CPQ functionalities.


You gain an understanding of how the Hansen CPQ solution fits into your company’s existing systems and the business benefits an effective quotation system can deliver.

An introductory walk through of the product helps reinforce your understanding of the application, its architecture and how to use it effectively to create and review quotes and place orders. This course provides essential background for anyone wishing to plan a Hansen CPQ implementation, including a description of the Hansen CPQ data model and its integration with other applications.

Intended Audience

This course is useful for anyone who will be using Hansen CPQ, or has a vested interest in understanding how, where and by whom the Hansen CPQ solution will be used and the implications it has for the organisation and IT structure.

Typical roles include:

  • Executive Sponsor
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Salesperson
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Launch Manager
  • Approvals and Staging Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Configuration Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Systems Integrator
  • Management Stakeholder
  • Implementation Partners

Course Prerequisites

This is an introductory course, there are no prerequisites or certifications.

Course Outcomes

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Outline the key benefits of using Hansen CPQ.
  • Explain Hansen CPQ’s role in the Hansen Create-Sell-Deliver portfolio.
  • Describe the Hansen CPQ process and Solution Overview.
  • Provide examples of how Hansen CPQ integrates with other products.
  • Describe the underlying program structure and suggest implications on implementation strategy.

Key Topics

  • How Hansen CPQ helps within your company’s existing ecosystem.
  • Purpose and benefits of Hansen CPQ.
  • Roles in CSD Portfolio.
  • The Hansen CPQ process.
  • Demonstration of Hansen CPQ.
  • CPQ integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Hansen CPQ Solutions Architecture.
  • CPQ Authentication.


This course may be provided either as an instructor-led course or online interactive course.  No hands-on learning lab is required.

Course Duration

2 hours

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