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Hansen CPQ Fundamentals


This course provides you with hands-on experience of the Hansen CPQ application. By the end of the course, you should be comfortable navigating through the application as well as creating and editing quotes, managing customer portfolios and updating live orders.


By gaining a detailed understanding of the quotation, order enrichment and submission process within Hansen CPQ you will be able to provide faster, more accurate quotes and subsequent orders for your customers, with reduced order fallout.

Intended Audience

Typical roles include:

  • Sales team
  • Customer services team
  • Product manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Business manager
  • Project manager
  • Developers and integration specialists

Course Prerequisites

Completion of the Hansen CPQ Overview is mandatory before attending this course.



Telephone: +1-416-943-9696
NA Toll Free: 1-888-SVC-MGM

Course Outcomes

Once you have completed this course you will be able to complete the following:

  • Create and configure quotes for both new and existing customers, including the use of upselling and cross-selling tools.
  • Review and amend quotes, then convert quotes to orders.
  • Perform order enrichment, review and submit orders to the order management system.
  • Amend quotes and orders.
  • Review and amend customer portfolios, including upgrades, downgrades and disconnections.

Key Topics

Logging in and selecting customers

Selecting products and understanding Hansen CPQ offer filters

Creating, configuring, reviewing quotes

Following guided selling suggestions

Converting quotes to orders

Enriching and submitting orders

Amending existing quotes

The order state model and amending orders

Reviewing and updating the customer portfolio

Course Certification

The course concludes with an online exam, which tests both theoretical and practical knowledge of Hansen CPQ. On successful completion of the exam and full course attendance, you gain Hansen CPQ Fundamentals Certification.

Training Environment

A Hansen CPQ training environment is required for each trainee for the duration of this training.

Course Duration

1 Day

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