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Hansen CPQ Developer


You will begin with a detailed understanding of the Hansen CPQ solution architecture before delving into hands-on development of both the CPQ client and server. On completion you should be comfortable configuring, extending and testing the functionality of your Hansen CPQ implementation.


The benefits of taking this course include gaining an in-depth understanding of Hansen CPQ and hands-on experience with both client and server development. This allows you to develop the interface, underlying functionality and integration with external systems to better suit your company’s ecosystem.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for those with experience of developing plugins and application interfaces using Typescript or JavaScript.

Typical roles include software engineers, implementation partners and project managers.

Course Prerequisites

You should have the following certifications before attending this course:

  • Hansen Catalog Overview
  • Hansen CPQ Fundamentals Certification

You are expected to have experience working with the following technologies:

  • Configuration using json files
  • Typescript and/or JavaScript coding
  • AngularJS and Node.js
  • HTML and CSS
  • Testing using Chai, Nock and Mocha are useful but not essential

Course Outcomes

Those who have undertaken this course are able to complete the following tasks:

  • Outline the key components of the Hansen CPQ application architecture
  • Explain the options and levels of development and sources of support
  • Describe the components that make up the CPQ Client.
  • Customize error message customization and localize Hansen CPQ
  • Customize the CPQ User Interface using Angular templates and CSS
  • Describe the purpose of a range of key CPQ APIs
  • Configure CPQ toaster and work with Hansen CPQ APIs using swagger.
  • Configure listening events and set context-specific tokens
  • Identify the key CPQ Plugins, outline their purposes and explain some of the key steps in their customization.
  • Configure CPQ to integrate with Order Management, CRMs and Hansen Inventory.
  • Describe CPQ plugin implementation process

Key Topics

  • Hansen CPQ application architecture
  • Options and levels of development and sources of support
  • Integration options and architecture
  • Security aspects and project implementation
  • Error message customization and localization
  • User Interface customization using Angular templates and CSS
  • Editing client configuration files
  • Work with CPQ toaster and Hansen CPQ APIs using swagger
  • Configuring listening events
  • Set context-specific tokens
  • CPQ Connect
  • Key Hansen CPQ plugins, customization and testing
  • Integration with Order Management, CRMs and Hansen Inventory
  • Install and run OOTB deal review plugin.

Course Certification

The course concludes with an online exam that tests both your theoretical and practical knowledge of Hansen CPQ development.  On successful completion of the exam, and with full course attendance, you obtain Hansen CPQ Developer Certification.

Qualification – Hansen CPQ Developer Certified


A Hansen CPQ training environment is required for each trainee for the duration of this training.

Course Duration

3 Days

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