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The ETS20 (Energy Thought Summit) event is an immersive energy experience that brings together thought leaders from across the industry. The theme of this year's Energy Thought Summit is To the Moon. In 2020, the decarbonization and sustainability challenges we face are different, but no less daunting. Utilities, policy makers, innovators, technologists, and customers must change the way we produce and consume energy. How will we choose to leave this planet for future generations?

Hansen Technologies works with various retail energy suppliers, utility companies and strategic partners in the US and around the globe helping our customers tap into the opportunities decarbonization present by enabling digitalilzation. 


Meet with us at ETS20 and learn more about our flexible and innovative solutions for Energy markets. Request a meeting with us by filling out the form.


Event Details: 
Energy Thought Summit 2020.
Dates: TBD
Location: Austin, TX






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