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EnoroCX proves cloud-compatibility with 20 million smart meters

September 16, 2015 – Recent tests conclude that Enoro’s cloud-based GENERIS Energy Data Management platform can serve any energy utility with a record number of up to 20 million smart meters. The tests were run with IBM’s SoftLayer data centre. Performing meter data import and other core processes within a regular business day for 20 million smart meters in a cost-effective cloud environment increases GENERIS users’ competitiveness in the energy market.

“The results are outstanding. GENERIS uses available resources efficiently and delivers high performance also in a modern cloud setup at low cost. For utilities this means increased cost efficiency, increased competitive advantage and an opportunity to focus on serving their customers in the best possible way,” says Anders H. Lier, CEO of Enoro.

The tests were run in a cloud-based environment in a cost-effective, low-capacity setup with a database server of only 12 cores. The test data consisted of one full day of meter readings with 15- minute intervals for 20 million meters. The tests covered energy utility’s core processes, including meter data import, balance settlement calculations and writing market day data to xml.

The highlight of the tests was meter data import which reached an incredible speed of 1.6 billion readings per hour. This gives the opportunity for adding further customer and market specific functionality and still succeed in finalising daily processes in time.

The tests were completed at the IBM SotfLayer datacentre, the Netherlands, in the end of 2015. Tests used Enoro’s GENERIS Energy Data Management platform on IBM’s SoftLayer cloud.