XLN Telecom

XLN Telecom is a service provider based in London. The customer segment is the small and medium sized business in the UK. XLN Telecom offers fixed lines, broad­band, mobile voice and data, iPBX systems and international calling cards. Today XLN Telecom has more than 100,000 subscribers.



"Our expansive growth forced us to  replace our old  billing platform with a new solution capable to support our business processes. We were looking for a solution that could handle the increase in the number of customers we have experienced every  month during the past year. It was also a must for  us to  find a solution with a strong and flexible product tool", states Christian Nellemann - CEO, XLN Telecom

Hansen offered XLN Telecom their naviBilling fixed line and mobile solution that easily as standard can handle the different product types offered by XLN. The solution includes a very complex infrastructure with real-time interfaces to a CRM and ERP system and an external print-house.

NavibillingCX solution makes it possible in a simple and user friendly way to change our products and services. This is very important for a company like ours that operates in a very competitive market where the difference between success and failure is the time spent to be first to offer new products and services.

Christian Nellemann; CEO, XLN Telecom


"With HansenCX we found a supplier with proven experience in deliveries to the telecommunication industry. Hansen's Billing and Customer Care solution NavibilliingCX and the hosting services offered fits very  well with our high standards to  customer  service, security and  low  operational costs." says Christian Nellemann - CEO, XLN Telecom.

  • HansenCX provides a dedicated team that performs operational assistance.
  • XLN Telecom and Hansen maintain close partnership relations.
  • NavibillingCX provides a simple and user-friendly way to change products and services
  • HansenCX hosts XLN's solution and handles Total Service Management