October 31, 2017

Helsinki, Finland – The Finnish energy corporation Seinäjoen Energia expands their usage of the energy analytics service Utilytics to cover the grid operations. The expansion follows shortly after Seinäjoen Energia started to use Utilytics to develop their energy retail business.

The contract is made for a 3-year term for Enoro’s cloud-based SaaS service, following good experiences from the first months of using Utilytics in the retail business of Seinäjoen Energia. The subsidiary Seiverkot Oy will now use Utilytics to cover the grid operations. With Utilytics, Seiverkot Oy looks for improved operational efficiency, better value for grid investments and modern tools for new grid tariff planning.

“We have now used Utilytics successfully for a couple of months in our retail business. Already during this short period of time, the service has demonstrated its capabilities and provided us concrete and beneficial insights. It was an easy decision to expand the usage, and we are confident that with Utilytics we can improve also our grid operations. We will continue our partnership-like cooperation with the Utilytics team to develop the service to serve both the current and future needs of energy companies,” says Martti Ijäs, the network chief at Seiverkot Oy.

With the near real-time analysis of data provided by smart meters, Utilytics offers insights about grid assets, resulting in better value for grid investments and improved customer experience. Further near-future development of the DSO business cases includes tariff planning, tariff scenarios, self-service analytics and several other common development areas.


About Seinäjoen Energia
Seinäjoen Energia, founded in 1927, is an energy corporation offering a full range of services related to electricity, district heating, and water maintenance. The corporation is owned by the city of Seinäjoki, and it consists of subsidiaries Seinäjoen Energia Oy and Seiverkot Oy, employing 115 people. www.seinajoenenergia.fi


About Enoro
Enoro develops and delivers software solutions and services to create competitive advantage to energy utilities in Europe and beyond. With over 20 years’ experience and more than 250 employees, we have a unique industry experience. More than 400 companies in Europe use Enoro’s solutions daily to enhance their operations and 28 million energy customers rely on data from Enoro. Enoro’s energy data management systems draw on a deep understanding of the energy trade, regulatory environment, IT systems and business processes. Since July 2017 Enoro is part of Hansen Technologies, a leading global provider of billing and customer care technologies for Utilities, Telcos and Pay TV operators. www.enoro.com


About Utilytics
Utilytics is a near real-time, continuously developed and productized service for energy companies, based on big data analytics with metering point data. Multiple energy companies have taken Utilytics into use to analyze their business and operational activities to improve their competitive edge. Utilytics is offered in a subscription-based SaaS model with low monthly cost and open pricing.