26 August, 2013

Aurora Energy, based in Tasmania, Australia, is implementing Hansen Technologies’ GateKeeper and FlowTalk solutions. The automation of energy market processes provided by these products helps improve business efficiency.
The Tasmanian government is introducing full retail competition (FRC) for all Tasmanian households and small businesses from 1st January 2014. The implementation of FRC involves the government dividing the existing Aurora customer base into two entities and selling these off to new private retailers. To comply with national FRC regulations, Aurora has to establish independent IT systems for both of these entities. These systems need to allow the new retailers to operate in compliance with the Australian National Electricity Market.

To facilitate seamless integration with the NEM, Aurora Energy has chosen to implement Hansen’s Gatekeeper and FlowTalk products. Gatekeeper is the industry’s leading out-of-the-box energy market gateway and FlowTalk is the best off-the-shelf solution for handling Australian energy market processes for electricity retailers and distribution businesses.

“Hansen Technologies is very pleased to be selected to provide Aurora Energy with its market interfacing solutions to help facilitate FRC in Tasmania, Having key involvement in the full deregulation of another Australian state’s electricity market is our area of expertise and we look forward to another successful implementation.” said Andrew Hansen, CEO Hansen Technologies.

About Aurora Energy
Aurora Energy is the Tasmanian Government-owned electricity distribution and retailing company.  Employing about 950 people, Aurora controls assets worth $1.841 billion and supplies electricity to more than 250,000 households and businesses.
Aurora will cease retailing activities on 31 December 2013 and its distribution activities will be merged with the transmission activities of Transend Networks to create a merged network business that will begin operating on 1 July 2014.

About Hansen Technologies
The Hansen Technologies Group (ASX: HSN) is a global company that develops, implements and supports proprietary customer care and billing solutions for service providers within the energy, PAY TV and telecommunications sectors in 40+ countries.
The Hansen family of products, which has grown since 1971 to include: HUB, ICC, NirvanaSoft, Peace and the Utilisoft product set also offers outsourcing and facilities management services.
Hansen is recognized by the relevance of its technology and the people who support it. Our innovative solutions are constantly evolving alongside their respective industries to accommodate business, market and technology changes, and our experienced implementation team has an impeccable record of delivering solutions through flexible engagement approaches.