16 June, 2014

Hansen Technologies’ Limited (ASX: HSN) is pleased to announce that Agway Energy Services, LLC of New York (a subsidiary of Suburban Propane, L.P. – NYSE:SPH) has gone live with Hansen’s Nirvanasoft CIS for Energy Retailers as its Electricity and Natural Gas billing solution.

Agway Energy Services now uses the Hansen solution to serve its electricity and natural gas customers for both their residential and small commercial businesses in the deregulated markets of New York and Pennsylvania. The Hansen system is operating as a hosted solution and is being used by Agway Energy Services by both their billing operations and customer service representatives in their call center.

“We are extremely pleased to go live with this successful Nirvanasoft CIS implementation in the deregulated North American energy market. We look forward to supporting Agway Energy Services’ growth as it expands into new markets and product offerings to both its electricity and gas customers,” said Andrew Hansen, CEO of Hansen.

Hansen’s Nirvanasoft CIS provides Agway Energy Services with a proven and flexible solution that enables their business to quickly expand into new markets, accommodate rapid customer growth, and very efficiently provide new products. In addition, the system allows Agway Energy Services to deliver more cost-effective customer service and improved productivity through its call center operations.

“Agway Energy Services is a leading provider of natural gas, electricity and energy related value added services to residential and small business customers in New York and Pennsylvania. It is imperative that we have a strong and flexible CIS in place to support our business. We are excited to utilize Hansen’s robust CIS solution as we reach new customers and expand to new service territories with our products and services” said Neil Scanlon, Senior Vice President – Information Services.


About Agway Energy Services
Agway Energy Services, a subsidiary of Suburban Propane, provides natural gas and electricity supply and energy-related value added services to customers in New York and Pennsylvania.
Based on substantial changes in state regulation of the energy industry, you now have the option to choose Agway Energy Services for your natural gas and electricity service. Under deregulation, public utility commissions in several states have licensed energy services companies like Agway Energy Services (AES) to act as alternative service providers, providing consumers with choice and options beyond their local utility companies.
Agway Energy Services has built its reputation on providing a superior customer experience, enabling customers to consolidate their energy services with a single provider, while offering competitive pricing, a valuable and reliable equipment repair program, and convenient billing and payment options. While currently available in New York and Pennsylvania York, Agway Energy Services continues to expand into new geographies.

About Hansen Technologies Limited

The Hansen Technologies Group (ASX: HSN) is a global company that develops, implements and supports proprietary customer care and billing solutions for service providers within the energy, PAY TV and telecommunications sectors in 40+ countries.
The Hansen family of products, which has grown since 1971 to include: HUB, ICC, NirvanaSoft, Peace and the Utilisoft product set also offers outsourcing and facilities management services.
Hansen is recognized by the relevance of its technology and the people who support it. Our innovative solutions are constantly evolving alongside their respective industries to accommodate business, market and technology changes, and our experienced implementation team has an impeccable record of delivering solutions through flexible engagement approaches.

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