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Utilities Perspective: Future of DSO

DSOs – at the Heart of the Energy Transition

DSOs – at the Heart of the Energy Transition

During the Energy Transition the DSO role will evolve in different directions, depending on company strategy and as allowed or required by regulation. These will include: Sole grid owner role, active network manager, value-added and microgrid operator roles, the latter two being profit-driven roles.

DSOs today are primarily responsible for timely connections of new capacity to the grid and improving system resilience through appropriate reinforcement. Secondly, and growing in importance, they are required to help transform energy systems by accelerating investment in innovation and digitalisation. This means that network planning and operations can be optimised by using distributed energy resources (DER) and digital technologies to regulate power flows to achieve a greater flexibility in terms of usage and production.

Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are at the heart of energy transition. With the right framework and business drive, they can enable the Energy Transition and guarantee network stability in the context of distributed generation.

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Future of Retail

Digital challengers are disrupting the Retail Energy market. New players are using their high-efficiency, lean organisations and low-cost structures to offer personalised products and services.

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