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Hansen OM Certified Installer and Administrator


During this course you will be guided through your own installation of Hansen OM using the Hansen Admin application.


You will learn how to perform an installation of Hansen OM using best practices, thus avoiding potential pitfalls caused by insufficient preparation or poor following of processes.

This practical experience will give you the confidence to perform Hansen OM installations, test the installations and support administration of your Hansen OM application.

Intended Audience

This course is should be taken by those who are responsible for installing and upgrading the Hansen OM application in your company, along with monitoring system health and managing users.

Typical attendees include:

  • System Administrators
  • User Administrators

Course Prerequisites

It is expected that you will have completed the Hansen OM product overview.

Although not mandatory, it would be useful if you also have the following:

  • Familiarity with installing and using dockerized applications
  • Good Linux skills
  • Experience of master-slave configuration using Apache Zookeeper
  • Working knowledge of your chosen identity provider
  • RDBMS administration experience
  • Basic networking skills
  • Ability to generate and manage certificates

Course Outcomes

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to perform the following:

  • Outline the Hansen OM deployment architecture and components;
  • Install the Hansen Administration application;
  • Secure Hansen OM with key certificates;
  • Install Hansen OM and its dependencies;
  • Use Hansen Administration to manage the Hansen OM application;
  • Create and manage users using OpenAM integration
  • Monitor third-party fulfilment system queues

Key Topics

  • Hansen OM deployment architecture and components
  • Hansen Administration application installation
  • Certificates
  • Hansen OM installation
  • OpenAM integration


On successful installation and testing of your Hansen OM application, and full course attendance, you gain Hansen OM Installation and Administration Certification.

Training Environment

A Hansen OM Installation training environment is required for each trainee for the duration of this training.

Course Duration

1 day

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