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HANSEN Device Provisioning Overview


This lecture only course provides students with product knowledge of Hansen Device Provisioning Manager. Students will understand what the product is and how it is used to assist in provisioning telecommunication services.

Participants will acquire a grasp of CSR tools and various provisioning modes.
Intended for all levels of participants, those taking the course will see demonstrations on how the tool is used in the provisioning cycle. These help to clarify Hansen Device Provisioning cycle and end-user service updates.


The Hansen Device Provisioning course provides employees with the knowledge to provision users. Participants will receive the following benefits:

Acquire foundational knowledge of the Hansen Device Provisioning solution in terms of other OSS systems

Understand how to provision customers with the built-in web tools.

Intended Audience

This course is recommended to personnel involved in the provisioning and updating of cable telecommunications services, including CPE device firmware updates. Some elements of the course may be suitable for non-provisioning end-users

Course Prerequisites

The following prerequisites are considered mandatory for
this course:

  • Working knowledge of telecommunication systems
  • Basic knowledge of provisioning software systems
  • Basic knowledge of Windows

Course Outcomes

Participants who attend this course will will be able to understand the following:

  • What is Hansen Device Provisioning and how is it used on the fulfilment of telecommunication services
  • What are the various provisioning modes for Hansen Device Provisioning and how is it used by vendors
  • What are Hansen Device Provisioning Features
  • Hansen Device provisioning CSR Console
  • Hansen Device provisioning Administration Console

Key Topics

  • What is Hansen Device Provisioning?
  • Hansen Device provisioning modes
  • Hansen Device Provisioning Features
  • Hansen Device Provisioning User Interfaces

Course Certification

The course concludes with an online exam which tests both theoretical and practical knowledge of Hansen Catalog Configuration. Upon successful completion of the exam, and full course attendance, the trainee will gain Catalog 6.6 Configuration Certification.

Training Environment

Onsite development or UAT environments for demo.

Course Duration

1 Day

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