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HANSEN Device Provisioning Installation and Administration


This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure Hansen Device Provisioning Manager. Students will develop skills configure various Hansen Device Provisioning elements, monitor system events, run reports, manage templates and initiate troubleshooting activities.

Intended for experienced system configuration specialists, participants will see demonstrations and complete practical exercises. The course includes lab activities that include device package creation, template creation, service and device modelling and firmware deployment.


The Hansen Device Provisioning Administration course helps employees acquire skills to maintain and support a Hansen Device Provisioning domain. Participants will receive the following benefits:

  • How to create packages to satisfy customer demand
  • How to setup models and monitor a running domain using proven best practices
  • Maintain and update a live Hansen Device
  • Provisioning domain independent of 3rd party vendors

Intended Audience

System administrators and operators responsible for configuring and monitoring Hansen Device Provisioning Manager. Some elements of the course may be suitable for technical operations support staff.

Course Prerequisites

The following prerequisites are considered mandatory for this course:

  • Working knowledge of UNIX
  • Working knowledge of cable devices
  • Working knowledge of IP, SIP and DHCP protocols
  • A Cable Plant lab to be fully setup and functional

Course Outcomes

Participants who attend this course will be able to perform following:

  • Provision following services using Product toolsHSD data services
  • PacketCable voice services
  • SIP voice services
  • Manage Subscriber Services using CSR Console
  • Using CSR Console for provisioning functions

 Key Topics

  • CSR Provisioning With DPM
  • CSR Use CasesHSD Provisioning
  • SIP Provisioning
  • CSR Console

Training Environment

Onsite development or UAT environments for labs and demo.
Prerequisites per delegate machine:

  • Connectivity to remote desktop session
  • Telnet/SSH client to connect to onsite environment
  • Internet Explorer 9 or above required

Course Duration

1 Day

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