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Hansen Catalog Certified End User


This course provides a guided hands-on walk through of the tasks you will need to perform in order to create offers within the Hansen Catalog.


You will gain practical knowledge of the Hansen Catalog functions and build on the knowledge acquired during the Hansen Catalog Fundamentals course to create and enhance products, services and resources in the Catalog. Those who complete this certification are immediately able to start work building and implementing offers in the Catalog when they return to their desks.

Intended Audience

This course provides hands-on experience for anyone who will be creating or amending products, services or resources in the Catalog. Those who would benefit from this course include the Product team and the Project team.

Course Prerequisites

Completion of the Hansen Catalog Fundamentals course is mandatory before attending this course. A working knowledge of your company’s product offers which will be created in the Catalog would also be beneficial.

Training Environment

This course is delivered as an instructor-led course or online interactive course. A Hansen Catalog training environment is required for each trainee for the duration of this training.

Course Certification

The course concludes with an online exam, which tests both theoretical and practical knowledge of Hansen Catalog. On successful completion of the exam and full course attendance, you become a Hansen Catalog Certified End User.

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Outcomes

Once you have completed this course you will be able to perform the following:

  • Navigate and search the Hansen Catalog Manager.
  • Set up change entities, test sets and logical catalogs to manage your entities.
  • Follow best practices to create and edit product, service and resource entities within the Catalog.
  • Create and edit reference data such as look-ups and classifications.
  • Reuse components within offers, overwriting information to suit the offer.
  • Price offers using a range of rating options, costs and discounts.
  • Create promotions.
  • Create sophisticated product rules using appropriate scopes and rule types.
  • Implement run-time characteristics on offers.
  • Manage all aspects of the product life cycle within the Catalog for both new and existing entities.
  • Launch and publish entities.
  • Provide audit data when required.

Key Topics

  • Navigation and search options.
  • Global entities.
  • Creating and editing entities.
  • Child, group and default cardinality.
  • Reference data.
  • Entity reuse and overrides.
  • Charges, rates, costs and discounts.
  • Promotions.
  • Validation, qualification and relationship rules.
  • Configurable characteristics.
  • Product lifecycle management.
  • Launch and publish.
  • Audit information and shelving.
  • Review and exam.