August 28, 2017

Helsinki, Finland –  Enoro’s long-standing customer Seinäjoen Energia has signed a contract for replacing their existing customer information system with Enoro CIS system. Along the purchase, Seinäjoen Energia ensures their compatibility with the upcoming Finnish energy data hub. Seinäjoen Energia has also recently taken into use Enoro Utilytics analytics service to develop their sales operations.

Seinäjoen Energia will utilize the CIS system in customer care and billing to serve both their electricity and district heating customers. The system will be taken into use early 2019. This contract is already the 5th Enoro CIS delivery contract in Finland within the past year.

The standardized Enoro CIS system is the market leader in Norway where the national energy data hub program runs three years ahead of Finland. Thus most of the requirements related to the Finnish national data hub have already been implemented in the system. Through utilizing digitalization and automated business processes, the system also offers cost efficiency that is a requirement for maintaining your hold in the intensifying competition.

Seinäjoen Energia has in 2017 taken into use another solution from Enoro, the big data analytics service Utilytics. Utilytics is a cloud-based service developed purely to meet the needs of energy companies, focusing on improving the competitive edge and daily operations of energy companies. With the near real-time analysis of data provided by smart meters, Utilytics offers a deeper understanding of energy consumers’ consumption behaviour, thus revealing new business opportunities.

"For us, it was important to choose a partner that offers us a comprehensive support now when the energy market is going through a big transformation. We highly appreciate Enoro’s ability to develop and create together with us solutions that continuously pursue to predict the future needs of both energy markets and consumers. We strongly believe that with Enoro CIS we can significantly improve our customer experience, and at the same time expand our product and service offering,” says Martti Ijäs, the network chief at Seinäjoen Energia.

"We’re proud to be able to continue and expand our long-standing customer relationship with Seinäjoen Energia. For us it’s important that we can help our customers to prepare in good time for big market changes,” says Stian Madsen, CEO of Enoro CIS.


About Seinäjoen Energia
Seinäjoen Energia Oy, founded in 1927, is an energy corporation offering a full range of services related to electricity, district heating and water maintenance. The corporation is owned by the city of Seinäjoki, and it consists of subsidiaries Seinäjoen Energia Oy and Seiverkot Oy, employing 115 people.


About EnoroCX
Enoro develops and delivers software solutions and services to create competitive advantage to energy utilities in Europe and beyond. With over 20 years’ experience and more than 250 employees we have a unique industry experience. More than 400 companies in Europe use Enoro’s solutions daily to enhance their operations and 15 million energy customers rely on data from Enoro. 130 utilities across the Nordic region have chosen Enoro for the business critical area of Customer Information and Billing System (CIS). We have a strong and proven knowledge with 140 CIS experts in our team. Enoro’s energy data management systems draw on a deep understanding of the energy trade, regulatory environment, IT systems and business processes.

About Enoro Utilytics
Enoro Utilytics is a near real-time, continuously developed and productized service for energy companies, based on big data analytics with metering point data. Multiple electricity companies have taken Utilytics into use also in Finland to analyze their business and operational activities.